NutriSoil HUBS

A NutriSoil Regenerative HUB is a localised group of farmers who purchase a 1000L or more of NutriSoil. NutriSoil facilitate netweokinf opportunities betweenHUB members to encourage communication, knowledge exchange and trial results. This occurs through online Zoom meetings, newsletters, podcasts and Biological Farming Roundtable (BFR) events. the overall aim of a HUB is to support and build the transition to regenerataive farming..

What is a HUB?

Our HUBS are growing! A HUB consist of around 20 farmers who live within a 200km radius. Farmers who have purchased 1000L or more of NutriSoil in the last 3 years have the opportunity to participate in a HUB group.

The benefits of a HUB

  • Contact details of local NutriSoil users
  • An email group that can be sent and share educational items of interest
  • Bulk buying benefits
    Comparing trials and results in your local area
  • Having a support group of like minded farmers
  • The potential to invite and encourage other farmers into the regenerative space
  • Zoom meetings facilitated by NutriSoil

How can I be included in a HUB?

If you have purchased 1000L or more of  NutriSoil and a team member has not contacted you yet, and you would like to be included in a HUB, give us a call. All we need is your permission to share your contact details with other HUB members and when the group is finalised, we will send an email with all the HUB members details.

NutriSoil Phone (02) 6020 9676 or email:


Hub Support Services

Soil Health Mentors

NutriSoil is excited to be able to offer the services of Soil Health Mentors  to our HUB members, this can be a one off farm visit or a Zoom meeting to discuss your need. Currently Luke Harrington is filing the role and works closely with like-minded organisations and consultants in the soil health / regenerative agriculture field, including agroecologist David Hardwick from Soil Land Food.

Luke provides independent advice to help farmers transition to a low input, high-profit biological farming system.

For more information please give NutriSoil a call or go to Luke’s website

Soil Health Courses

Agroecologist David Hardwick from Soil Land Food will be running a series of REBOOT Your Soil programs which NutriSoil are making available to their HUB members.

The program will consist of reading a soil test and developing a soil action plan. It will include –

  • 5 Zoom sessions of 90 mins each for 5 weeks.
  • Follow up Zoom for Q&A 1 month after program
  • Limited to 10 participants per program
  • Starting in October
  • Each farmer to bring own soil test (max 2 per farmer)

For more information on David Hardwick visit