NutriSoil’s Three Decade Legacy: A Family’s Dedication to Soil and Human Health

NutriSoil’s remarkable three-decade journey, which began in 1990 with the purchase of the first worms, stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of founders Graham and Lyn Maddock. From these humble early beginnings, the Maddock family has built a multi-award-winning company renowned for its commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices.

Graham and Lyn Maddock’s innovative use of waste from a local soy milk factory and their pioneering work in vermiculture laid the foundation for a business that would revolutionize sustainable farming practices. Their efforts have turned NutriSoil into a beacon of sustainable agriculture, demonstrating the power of combining environmental stewardship with profitable farming.

The Maddock family’s commitment to health and sustainability extends beyond Graham and Lyn. Their children, Leanne, Rachelle, and Darren, have each followed career paths that mirror the family’s dedication to soil and human health. Leanne, as a Cardiac Sonographer, contributes to human health, reflecting the family’s broader commitment to well-being. Rachelle has been instrumental in NutriSoil’s growth, managing the business and education side for 15 years, a role that was crucial in establishing NutriSoil’s reputation in the field. Her subsequent venture into establishing her Soil Restoration Farming business continues the legacy of sustainable agricultural practices. Darren, upholding the family legacy with his wife Nakala, manages NutriSoil, driving the business towards new heights in the field of regenerative agriculture.

All three children, as well as Grahams brothers Max and Ian and Lyns sister Gill have all been passionate about helping the family build NutriSoil from its early days, and they remain strong supporters of the business. This family’s collective effort has been pivotal in shaping NutriSoil’s ethos and operations, ensuring that the values of family, sustainability, health, and ethical practices are deeply ingrained in the company’s DNA.

NutriSoil’s story is more than a tale of business success; it is a narrative of a family united by a common vision – to nurture and improve both soil and human health. This journey, rooted in the initial purchase of worms and fostered by the entire Maddock family, exemplifies the interconnectedness of environmental health, sustainable agriculture, and human well-being.

As NutriSoil steps into a new era of farming to combat climate change and declining human health, we not only pay tribute to the visionary founders, Graham and Lyn, and their supportive family, but also spotlight the next generation and team members who are building on this remarkable legacy. Leading the charge is Darren and his wife Nakala, at the helm of managing the business; their son in law Damien, in Freight Logistics and Safety; Rob essential in Production; Zac head of Finances, Shannon in Accounts, and Nige in Customer Care and Audiovisuals, enhancing the company’s new age outreach and engagement.

NutriSoil’s future is further bolstered by a diverse team of Consultants, integral to NutriSoils unique HUB Care program; David Hardwick and his wife Su from Soil Land Food, Simon Mattson from Soil Land Food, Luke Harrington from Re-Gen Farming, Robin Tait from Robin Tait Consulting, Jane Slattery Co-Founder of Natural Intelligence Farming and Bec Hamersley from Natural Intelligence Farming. This program aids Australian broadacre farmers nationwide in adopting regenerative farming practices. It offers comprehensive guidance, to transform farms into thriving, profitable ecosystems.

This special dedicated team at NutriSoil is not just maintaining the legacy of sustainable agriculture; they are actively expanding and enriching it, bringing new ideas and approaches to the forefront, healing the planet one person, family and farm, at a time.


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