NutriSoil Pty Ltd is a biological solution made by worms, which is manufactured, distributed and wholesaled direct to farmers. The business was started by Graham and Lyn Maddock in 1995. The first worms were purchased to start the first windrows in 1990.


The NutriSoil product was developed by farmer Graham Maddock and his brother Ian, on the family farm at Yackandandah, Victoria. NutriSoil biological solution is an organically certified, award winning, concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System.


A farm chemical accident for Graham Maddock in the mid-1980s triggered a rethink of chemical and fertiliser applications and set in motion the establishment of the now thriving all-natural company. While recovering from serious health problems caused by the chemical exposure, he thought about the risks that using chemicals posed to other farmers and also the health of the consumer at the end of the supply chain. Farming with his brother Ian Maddock and son Darren Maddock, they experimented with vermiculture (worm farming) and using the castings and worm liquid on a crop of water chestnuts and the dairy pastures. Impressed with the results, this led the Maddock family on a lifelong journey to learn how plants and soil function naturally and further development of the biological stimulant, NutriSoil.

Graham and Lyn’s daughter Rachelle moved back to the farm in 2006 and assisted  the family move the business to Baranduda, close to Wodonga. This was more central for business services, such as freight and also allowed them to purpose-build the NutriSoil Education and Production Facility. It was opened by Cr Rodney Wangman former Mayor, City of Wodonga on the 25th July 2007. Rachelle and her husband Justin managed the business until 2020 when they left to pursue their dreams in education and coaching, building the business, Soil Restoration Farming. Darren Maddock now manages production and Nakala his wife manages the business.

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Graham’s son, Darren manages NutriSoil in the production role and is our musical worm whisperer. Darren loves music and records and performs his own music, often writing about the effects of industrial agriculture, nature and expansive mindsets.


Nakala, (Darren’s wife), manages the business, marketing and education team and also hosts the Biological Farming Roundtable podcasts. Nakala is a natural equine lover.


Rob joined the team in July 2021 and is working with Darren in production. Rob is an experienced plumber and has a background in both farming and earthmoving.


Growing up in southern NSW, Zac understands rural communities and businesses. As a certified accountant and registered tax agent with a history of helping clients optimise their business potential and has now joined NutriSoil as our Chief Finacial Officer.


Nigel brings many different skills to the NutriSoil team having a background in defence, retail and audio-visual. He is our go-to problem solver, but it is his AV passion that has proved to be his greatest asset since starting at NutriSoil in late May 2022.


Joining the NutriSoil team in July 2022, Damien comes to us with a background in logistics management. Damien’s skill set in freight and WHS has proved to be an invaluable addition to the business. Damien hails from Gold Coast, whose family has a farming background and is Darren and Nakala’s son inlaw.

The business operates nationwide and has partnered with key broadacre farmers to develop a successful model of regenerative farming practices. NutriSoil sees empowerment of farmers as integral to developing the regenerative agricultural movement and strives to deliver independent, scientifically-based education Australia-wide, with significance for global health.

NutriSoil Liquid Biological Fertiliser is Allowed Input with Australian Organics!

Moral Fairground awarded NutriSoil as the most inspirational ethical enterprise in Australia. More…

Ethical Enterprise Award 2017

Australian Organic Annual Awards Winner GOLD 2016.

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