Made from harnessing the power of earthworms to drive natural fertility and healthy growing conditions.



What can it be used on?

NutriSoil is suitable for application on all growing plants and soil types. It can be used as a foliar spray or seed inoculant and in fertigation systems.

How much water do I add?

Mix 5L/ha with water according to the calibration on your sprayer. E.g. If your sprayer puts out 100L per hectare, use 95L of water with every 5L of NutriSoil. (This is a 5% dilution or a 20:1 ratio). The water rate is not critical. It acts as a carrier to distribute 5L/ha across plants and/or seed if doing in-furrow fertilisation. NutriSoil can be easily adapted to fertigation systems.

When should it be applied?

Apply NutriSoil on plants during growth stage for immediate uptake and coat seed at sowing for greater strike rate.

On Pasture:

Apply 5L/ha in growth times such as Autumn and Spring or other growth opportunities due to irrigation or seasonal influences. There is no stock withholding period. Animals may even remain in the paddock during spraying.

Horticulture / Viticulture / Orchard:

Apply NutriSoil 3 to 4 times a year up till harvest with no withholding period.

On Crops:

1. Inoculate seed with NutriSoil at 5L/tonne and/or use in liquid inject systems at 5L/ha. 2. Apply 5L/ha of NutriSoil at the 3-leaf stage. 3. Apply 5L/ha as a top dressing if required.


NutriSoil is a concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System.

Organic animal, plant, mineral and ocean inputs are fed to compost worms and other soil organisms that consume and convert (break down) nutrients into plant-available food and microbial food/stimulant.

What will NutriSoil do?
1. FEED plants and soil micro-life.
2. PROTECT plants from pests and disease.
3. REGENERATE soils by creating an environment for capturing stable carbon.

How does NutriSoil work?

NutriSoil enhances the natural growing mechanisms of the plant and soil through increasing photosynthesis and feeding microbial communities. Plants grow larger root systems allowing greater nutrient exchange and resilience for the life of the plant. Plants grown in a healthy soil with a diverse microbial community can cope better with changes and stress, such as extreme heat, drought, flood, frost and chemical use.

nutrisoil product
earth worms



The plant available nutrients in NutriSoil are taken in through the leaf. Humic compounds in the worm liquid open the cells of the leaf where the nutrient is absorbed immediately.


The photosynthetic capacity of the plant is increased. Photosynthesis creates sugars for plant growth and feeding the microbes in the soil. The Liquid Carbon Pathway.


The microbes make enzymes to solubilise nutrients in soil in ratios that the plant needs. The more microbes (ie bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi) you have in the soil, the more nutrient collection capacity you have.


NutriSoil is a complex biostimulant containing a variety of different compounds from non-nutrient growth promotors, nutrient cycling microbes, biocontrol microbes to bioremediation microbes. Microbiological analysis has identified these components and compounds, this two page summary provides an explanation of the science behind NutriSoil.

photo credit: Phill Lee

microscopic view of mycorrhizal fungi colonising a plant root


  • Strong yield
  • Quality production (high true protein levels)
  • Builds soil carbon
  • Increases natural nutrient cycling – soil fertility
  • Healthy resilient plants prepared for what the season delivers
  • Increased soil water holding capacity

Scientifically Proven

  • Foliage increased production
  • Soil resilience increased microbial diversity
  • Unlocking nutrients increased microbial biomass
  • Access to nutrients increased Mycorrhizal fungi accesses water & nutrients far from roots Comparative trials with MAP, DAP, Urea & Superphosphate
See Trial Data conducted by Microbe Labs Australia (also known as CIAAF).

Nutrisoil Results Brochure for more details.

nutrisoil garden


Whole Farm Management System

For the best results, NutriSoil should be used in a Whole Farm Management System. Working with and understanding the natural environment is essential whether you are farming by the principals of conventional, biological, organic or biodynamic systems.

NutriSoil enhances the natural growing mechanisms of the plant.


Keep records

When beginning a NutriSoil Program, it’s best to keep records. Consider your aims, timeframe, how or what you will measure. Download here or call us for a copy of our Field Action Plan to help you outline your program.
Visual Response Signs

Depending on your crop/pasture deficiencies, you may observe the following visual responses:

Short Term

  • Colour change in crops.
  • Stock preferential feeding on NutriSoil treated areas
  • Reduction in signs of pests in pasture/crops
  • Larger root systems; good strike; fast germination

Long Term

  • Increase in stock health eg. less grass tetany, mastitis, foot diseases
  • Sponge like soil
  • Diversity of pasture
  • Change in soil colour
  • Higher stocking rates

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