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Southern WA

Biological Farming Roundtable in Newdegate!

Sth WA BFRImage

    Reboot My Soil – Given Me Much More Confidence

    Nutrisoil and David Hardwick through the reboot my soil course have given me so much more confidence in assessing my soil. This course is a must for anyone wanting to improve their farm and soil health. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It also helps having someone with David’s sense of humour bei...
    Dec 3, 2021

    Reboot My Soil – Very Useful Course for Soil Health

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity of participating in the Reboot My Soil Course, we found it really useful for understanding more about soils and soil health, and are much more confident about our direction having completed the course. It managed to cover both the fundamentals and the more up...
    Dec 3, 2021

    Reboot My Soil – Holistically Soil Test Interpretation

    A well presented short course that provides the tools to interpret a soil test holistically, a move away from just focusing on the four big nutrients.
    Dec 3, 2021

    Reboot My Soil – Happy with the Soil Tests Course

    Couldn’t be happier with the course, I certainly learnt the importance of understanding soil tests.
    Dec 3, 2021

    Reboot My Soil – Agronomy Advice not Connected to Sales KPI’s

    Continue educating us, and help source Agronomy advice that is not connected to sales KPI’s
    Dec 3, 2021

    Sheep Farmer

    Soil Health Mentor – A Must Do

    Chatting with Luke is nearly a must do, because he is about the big picture and the pieces which need to go together.
    Upper Warren WA
    Dec 3, 2021

    P Webber

    Saving on fertiliser costs

    We are saving 20% on fertiliser costs by spending 50 cents per Hectare on inoculating the grain with NutriSoil concentrate before sowing. Then in August a foliar spray with NutriSoil costing $50 per hectare as against $228 per hectare on conventional fertilisers. Head weights 3 to 8 grams heavier on...
    Aug 18, 2018

    Mixed Farmers

    Soil Health Mentor

    We were really happy with the visit from Luke and can see he offered an all-round service to help achieve soil health.
    Alectown NSW
    Dec 3, 2021

    Cropping and Cattle Farmer

    Soil Health Mentor – Refreshing Views about Regen Ag

    It was refreshing to hear Luke’s views about regen ag as it has been distorted, Luke spoke about all the tools in the tool box, which was great.
    Moora Wa
    Dec 3, 2021

    Cropping / Pasture Farmer

    Soil Health Mentor – Good Ideas to Try New Things

    Luke has some great ideas and certainly a good start for someone wanting to try new things, he has good ideas on how to balance soil nutrition
    Captains Flat NSW
    Dec 3, 2021

    Diane and Ian Haggerty Tells Their Success in Growing Crops in Sand

    Aug 18, 2018

    Don Chiverton

    Improving infiltration

    Using NutriSoil, our soils have opened up. They infiltrate water at a much faster rate.
    QLD 2021
    Dec 3, 2021

    Garry Dalton

    Preferential Grazing

    Since we started using Nutrisoil it was clear to see that the cattle started grazing the whole paddock ore evenly. The improved health of our cattle was also noticeable.
    Tygalgah, NSW, 2021
    Dec 3, 2021
    Dr Christine Jones

    Dr Christine Jones

    A word from Dr Christine Jones on NutriSoil & Nitrogen

    Just about everything that lives in soil is very strongly inhibited by applications of high rates of water-soluble N and P. Interestingly, a small amount (say 1-5kg/ha urea) primes the system. I guess the amount of N in NutriSoil does the same. The microbes only need a whiff of N to get them started...
    Aug 19, 2018

    Janet Mitchell

    Quick Response

    We were amazed at how quickly soil can and does respond to NutriSoil – especially in Australia – where chemicals have now been used so extensively for so long. The future in farming is really exciting again with the thought of moving away from the harshness of chemicals, back to what our grandparent...
    Carboor, Victoria
    Jun 25, 2018

    K Bassett

    Never grown better quality vegies

    I have used Nutrisoil now for some years and although I have grown very good vegetables in the past, I have found that Nutrisoil gives that extra flavour and extra growth that home gardeners look for and after growing vegetables in my home garden for so long, I can honestly say I have never grown be...
    Jun 25, 2018
    Dr Maarten Stapper

    Dr Maarten Stapper

    Dr Maarten Stapper writes on the Soil War we cannot win

    Maarten is passionate about discovering and using the power of nature in food production systems – and the connections between soil biology, soil health, and the overall functioning of agro-ecosystems, and sees many opportunities for Australian agriculture to reverse soil degradation and regenerate...
    Aug 19, 2018
    Walter Jehne

    Walter Jehne

    Soil Microbiologist & Soil Ecologist

    Walter Jehne share’s the connection between Healthy Soil Nutritional Integrity in Food and Human Health

    Effectively the nutritional integrity and thus health value of our food and our health is governed substantially (up to 90%) by whether it contains and can provide us with the over 33+ essential nutrients, trace elements and plant products (vitamins etc) that are essential for our preventative healt...
    Aug 19, 2018

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