NutriSoil functions differently to conventional fertilisers.

Conventional fertilisers feed the plants but are detrimental to the life in the soil. The following results tell the story of what is happening as you apply these conventional fertilisers.

Microbes are significantly reduced in numbers on application of MAP, DAP, UREA and Superphosphate.

On application of NutriSoil microbes are significantly increased in numbers and diversity.

NutriSoil will feed the plant AND the microbes in your soil. In this system your soil fertility will continually increase as opposed to the straight conventional system which degrades soil fertility.

NutriSoil works as a complete fertiliser when used in a whole farm management system. Results show that NutriSoil produces comparable production to a conventional crop.

NutriSoil also works with a conventional system where a portion of the conventional fertiliser is replaced with NutriSoil. A soil full of microbial life can withstand some chemical usage.