The NutriSoil Quality Assurance program is strong and robust. Our worms are monitored daily, and all measurements are taken weekly to ensure the amount and health of the worms is at their peak. NutriSoil employ independent research bodies to test and oversee our quality assurance program including Agroecologist David Hardwick and his wife Su from Soil Land Food as well as Australian Microbial Labs in south Australia and Metagen Laboratory in Queensland.

NutriSoil Biological Solution and Castings is Certified as an allowable input with Australian Organics.

What is recorded and monitored as part of the NutriSoil Quality Assurance Program?

Worm Beds

Feed sources and amounts
Ph of beds
Moisture content of beds
Temperature of the beds
Worm amounts
Worm egg amounts

Laboratory Testing of the Liquid and Castings
Nutrient testing
Microbial testing
DNA Testing

The Liquid

The Liquid Amounts/times the worm liquid is recycled through the beds Liquid movement around the worm farm is recorded
The colour of the liquid
The oiliness of the liquid
Total dissolved solids
Smell – there should be no smell
The worm liquid in the contained bottle does not expand.

NutriSoil also works with an intuitive advisor from Natural Intelligence Farming, Jane Slattery.



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Highly Commended Outstanding Small Business Award 2016
Australian Organics Product of the Year 2017
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