What sort of equipment do you need to spray out NutriSoil?

Broad jets, triple jets or boomless flat spray nozzles are all suitable. Any equipment used for spraying out liquids will be ok. It can be as simple as fire fighting equipment, hand pumps, units on ATVs to elaborate boom sprays. If it has been used for pesticide sprays, clean thoroughly with a suitable sterilizing compound. Nutrisoil is non-corrosive and will not harm equipment.

Will NutriSoil block my jets/nozzles?

No. NutriSoil is filtered prior to packaging to ensure no solid matter can cause blockages. NutriSoil stays in suspension.

Can I mix NutriSoil with Herbicides/Pesticides?

Definitely do not mix with pesticides as this will kill micro-organisms thus losing the biologically active component of the product. Farm trials have shown that NutriSoil can be mixed with and sprayed out at the same time as mild herbicides and in fact has improved the effectiveness of the herbicide and delivered good results in the paddock. However, thorough trialing has not been carried out on a full range of herbicides so we cannot guarantee there is more benefit than harm to the product when combined with herbicides.

Can I use NutriSoil to replace NPK fertilisers?

NutriSoil can be used in conjunction with traditional fertilisers to get better value by unlocking nutrients or as a stand-alone fertiliser. On our Yackandandah property we have not used conventional fertiliser programs for over 15years replacing them with vermiculture (worm-based) products. Soil tests have shown improvements in NPK and other major/minor elements. Most of the property was acidic with pH levels as low as 4.2pH and without the addition of Calcium we have lifted this to 5.9pH. Used in conjunction with Super-phosphate, NutriSoil’s biologically active component or stimulant helps to unlock phosphorous that commonly gets locked up in soil.

Why is NutriSoil effective when it doesn’t have equivalent high levels of nutrients when measured against NPK fertilisers?

Trials show equivalent yield map productivity on wheat, triticale and lupins of 5L of NutriSoil/hectare compared to 100kg Urea…. There is an argument that maybe plants just don’t need such high levels of nutrients as suggested but the crucial element is that the nutrients need to be in a ‘plant-available’ form. The unique difference with NutriSoil is that all the quality natural animal, plant and ocean materials used to make the end product are fed through a vermiculture (worm) system thus carrying out the conversion process. Therefore once applied to crops/pastures there is practically instant take-up of nutrient by plants.

What is the difference between using NutriSoil over worm castings?

NutriSoil is a liquid spray. The benefits of nutrients being soluble is that they are in a readily available form to be taken up by plants within 2-4hours. Liquid fertilisers are easier to control application rates and nutrient levels. Where 250kg of worm castings are equivalent to 5L NutriSoil it is obviously more cost effective with regards to transport.

What is the difference between NutriSoil and worm juice?

Worm juice is commonly made from diluting worm castings with water. NutriSoil, whilst derived from a vermiculture (worm) system is significantly more advanced. It combines the benefits of the finest organic animal, plant and ocean sources fed through a vermiculture system. The liquid is extracted from the system as a concentrate with no added water.

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