Enhancing nature for profitable grazing and nutrient density in corporate ag.

Nakala Maddock is joined by Robin Tait an independent consultant in Tasmania, as they chat with Aiden and Sarah Coombes. Aiden manages Westmore a 3400 ha grazing property owned by Greenhams and is involved in implementing the Never Ever Beef Program, while Sarah manages properties owned by the Coombes. Located in the northwest of Tasmania […]

Creating non-negotiable synthetic free grazing systems with Dale Retschlag

host Nakala Maddock is joined by Jane Slattery co-founder of natural intelligence farming. Nakala and Jane speak with cattle grazier Dale Retschlag from Biloela in Queensland. Dale is the president of Central Queensland Landscape Alliance, a farmer led regenerative restoration group and explains his journey to being at peace with a non-negotiable synthetic free farming […]

Creating Innovative Food Systems with Jacob Wolki – NutriSoil WormCast Episode 1

Treating animals with respect, family and medicinal food drives Albury entrepreneur, Jacob Wolki’s quest to build a community where farmers and consumers are connected by shared values. He raises animals, processes them, sells online, has a self-serve butchery, and runs farm tours. He is changing the system of how farmers share their produce, which is […]