Episode 14 – The importance of a value driven farming system

The importance of a value driven farming system.

In this episode Rod Fraser talks about values, states and perceptions and the importance of these in making great farming and life decisions.


Rod Fraser and Ellyn Martin are the directors of Business Growth Strategies. They provide a wholistic approach to help you build something special. Starting with personal coaching for the business owner to help think things through and have those important conversations on multiple levels. Then they focus on getting your whole team firing around a sound achievable strategic plan. Consciously designing your business for purpose, people, profit AND planet.

Our co-host David Hardwick is an Agroecologist who provides extension work in soil health.


David and his team provide extension projects, workshops and courses in soils, regenerative agriculture, agroecology, organics, composting, biofertilisers, regional food systems and rural cooperatives. They take an ecological and systems approach to Australia’s farming and food systems. From orchards to grazing, cropping to dairying; horticulture to sugarcane; they help build landholder capacity. They also carry out a range of consultancy services to clients across agriculture.


Great reads recommended:

The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle.

The Intelligence Trap by David Robson.


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