Increasing foliar nutrient uptake

The days are getting longer and the grey clouds of winter have finally lifted. Now is the perfect time to apply foliar sprays to increase photosynthesis and prepare your soil for the predicted dry times ahead.
Foliar sprays provide the ideal method to deliver nutrients to your plants efficiently. Over recent years, research has shown that to optimise plant growth, more than just nutrients are needed; plants need access to a diversity of microorganisms and the compounds they produce for complete health to maximise productivity.
It’s no secret that industrial agriculture practices have reduced the microbial diversity of our farming soils. There are many flow-on impacts, including reduced moisture-holding capacity of the soil and nutrient availability.
Using a biostimulant such as NutriSoil in your foliar mix is essential in improving overall soil health. The benefits provide farmers with multiple opportunities to reduce input costs and improve water-holding capacity of the soil.
DNA analysis has proven that worm-based biostimulants provide the most diverse mix of microbes of all the biostimulants on the market. When used as part of a farming system, they help optimise crop health and productivity. Laboratory testing found that NutriSoil contains a diverse range of microorganisms and other complex compounds, and when used as part of a foliar mix increases photosynthesis in plants.
When included in your foliar mix the diversity of microbes and other compounds in NutriSoil enter the plant through the leaf, stimulating the root hairs of the plant, producing a twofold benefit. Firstly, NutriSoil increases the root biomass and secondly, it increases the microbial activity around the root zone; both these contribute to increasing soil carbon levels and water-holding capacity.
Furthermore, the microbial activity in the root zone unlocks nutrients in the soil. Nutrients that may have been previously unavailable to the plant due to poor soil health. Increasing root biomass aids water infiltration, ensuring every drop is accessed by the plant. Whether you are an irrigator or dry land farmer, ensuring every litre of water is utilised is critical to your farming profits, especially with the forecast drier conditions.
One compound found in NutriSoil is fulvic acid, which readily binds to nutrients, including trace elements such as copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. Fulvic acid is very small and easily slips from the leaf’s surface into the plant tissue carrying nutrients and microbes with it, improving the efficiency of nutrient absorption in foliar applications.
To increase efficiency even further, many farmers are now turning to tissue testing to track and monitor the exact nutrient needs of their crops and pastures, and to optimise application timing. Having the data behind you to balance the nutrition needs of your plants not only ensures you don’t waste money on applying what your plant doesn’t need, but it also confirms your plant is getting what it is lacking for optimal growth.
While increasing microbial activity enhances water infiltration and improves water holding capacity, it is also vital to unlocking nutrients unavailable to plants. With the forecast drier conditions, making every drop of water count and reducing costly inputs will be key to maximizing returns.
NutriSoil ticks all the boxes to increase the efficiency of your foliar nutrition applications, while also increasing soil health. Call NutriSoil today and discuss how NutriSoil can work in your farming system, on (02) 6020 9676.


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