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Albury to host Biological Farming event

Transition to low input farming pays off

Albury is set to host a biological farming event which will give regional food producers the opportunity to hear and see the benefits of regenerative farming practices.

The Biological Farming Roundtable (BFR) on Thursday May 27 will begin at NutriSoil in Baranduda and then move to Huon Ag Services farm just down the road in Wodonga.

The BFR is being organised by NutriSoil, who produce, manufacture and distribute a biological liquid fertiliser using a vermiculture recycling system.

NutriSoil hosts BFR events across the country to initiate discussions on biological farming, helping farmers explore innovative, low input, regenerative, profitable and productive farming systems.

Nakala Maddock from NutriSoil said they were excited to be hosting the Albury HUB BFR, allowing people to see their operation first hand. The BFR will move to the Snell family farm, who have been reducing their synthetic inputs use on their 400ha (1000 acre) property since 2018.

“The Snells made the decision to investigate biological or regenerative farming practices due to a hard soil and heliotrope proliferation problem,” Mrs Maddock said

She said the first sign of success for the Snells after beginning to use NutriSoil was when they no longer needed to slash their phalaris pastures as the cattle were now heartily grazing everything in the paddock. Mrs Maddock puts this down to plants becoming more palatable to stock under a biological system.

“The Snells said their cattle have retained weight gain on summer grasses like kikuyu, which occurs because plants are grown in a biologically diverse system.

“NutriSoil loves facilitating BFR’s, which allow producers to support each other through their journey in the emerging regenerative agriculture space. It can be challenging moving away from conventional farming methodologies, so providing an environment for discussions with likeminded farmers is really important,” Mrs Maddock said.

The day will include a presentation from agroecologist David Hardwick from Soil, Land, Food who will be discussing soil type, explaining soil health and the role biology plays in increasing soil fertility, along with tips for assessing soil health.

The BFR will also include a best soil in show competition, and those attending are asked to bring a soil sample. Prizes will be awarded for those who identify the healthiest soil.

“We hope to see many of our Albury HUB members at the day and welcome anyone who would like to learn more about soil health and the role worms play in generating quality produce and its connection to human health,” Mrs Maddock said.

Tickets for the event cost $30 which includes all catering and are available through Humanitix ( by searching Albury Biological Roundtable. Alternatively, anyone interested in finding out more can phone NutriSoil on (02) 6020 9679 or email

Transition to low input farming pays off
Ray and Whyatt Snell will speak about their transition to low input farming.


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