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 Biological Farming Roundtable (BFR)

A facilitated discussion around Biological Farming ideas introduced to us by inspiring leaders in the biological world.

Reserve your spot - Albury BFR

May 27,  2021 - Numbers are limited so please book early phoning or emailing the NutriSoil office.


Who can attend?

Open invitation to all farmers.


The aim of the Biological Farming Roundtable (BFR) is to initiate discussion on biological farming, helping farmers explore innovative, low input, regenerative, profitable, productive farming systems. The group supports each other’s journey in an emerging regenerative agricultural paradigm where dominant conventional views can often be a barrier to change and success.

The BFR's are collaborative events which provide exposure to guest speakers and experts in regenerative agriculture. Rather than product specific events they focus on a whole of system approach to healthy production systems.


There will be a small cost associated with attending a BFR, however morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Numbers are limited so please book early by phoning or emailing the NutriSoil office.


The location of each BFR will vary, rotating through different HUB areas providing networking opportunities for those interesting in regenerative farming practices. They will take place on farm so we can explore different systems in action. 



Stay tuned for our next event!

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Biological Farming Roundtable Podcast

The Biological Farming Roundtable Podcast, brought to you by NutriSoil, is for farmers and food consumers. Join host, Nakala Maddock, as she interviews regenerative farmers that are turning the tides in agriculture by reducing chemical inputs, rebuilding nature’s natural solar, mineral and water cycles and returning nutrient integrity back into the food chain.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND SHARE our podcast to be part of the solution to restoring soil, climate, and human health. If technology is not your thing, that's fine! You can listen to the episodes directly from your computer. And if your having any trouble please call 02 6020 9676 and we can talk you through it!