Episode 11 – Increasing Carbon With Regenerative Agriculture

Today’s conversation is with mixed farmer, Col Harper, from Ariah Park NSW.
Col changed to regenerative agriculture 10 years ago. He uses a combination of exhaust fertiliser, worm liquid and animals in his system.
Since changing to regenerative agriculture, Col has doubled his organic matter, and increased his Carbon levels by over 70%. Regular tissue tests, once unbalanced, are now returning a complete balance, and his grain is testing to have higher nutrient content and less screenings than other conventional grains in the area.
Helping to prevent the rise in human disease Col explains that farming with regenerative practices is profitable, heals the environment and produces food that can be considered as medicine.

This is my conversation with Col Harper, an ethical grain and sheep producer, and my good friend.
Col’s website for exhaust fertilisers and stumble crunchers mentioned in the podcast is www.exhaustfertiliser.com.au.
The website for the worm liquid used is www.nutrisoil.com.au.


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