Local family Biological Fertiliser business, NutriSoil, has been recognised as a leader in change and integrity at the Australian Organics Awards last Thursday, where they were awarded Australian Organic Product of the Year, non food item.

NutriSoil is a concentrated worm liquid, produced from a unique Vermiculture Recycling System used in broad acre farming systems, located in Baranduda, VIC.

The judges were impressed by the long term dedication of NutriSoil to their product and unique inclusive approach to lifting all profiles of biological and organic products. “It is essential to work as a united front to help farmers move towards more regenerative and sustainable farming practices for current and future generations”, says Rachelle Armstrong, Managing Director of NutriSoil.

Aside from being Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors, NutriSoil is committed to spreading the regenerative message through education and extension.

Biological Farming Roundtables are held bi-monthly at the facility to initiate discussion on biological farming. The group supports farmers in an emerging regenerative agricultural paradigm where dominant conventional views can often be a barrier to change and success. These sessions are not product focussed. Farmers appreciate being able to discuss a range of biological processes, methods and products that they may use to transition and maintain a biological and/or organic sustainable farming system.

Soil Restoration Farming is another education arm of NutriSoil, initiated as a partnership with Dr Christine Jones. Again these seminars are not product focussed and have drawn at least 17 organisations together to support quality education for the direct benefit of farmers transitioning to biological and organic farming models.

NutriSoil also runs annual open days each July, bringing international speakers to speak on climate change, and regenerative farming approaches.

If you are interested in any of these events, please contact NutriSoil on 02 6020 9676

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