Biology is key to healthy soils

Biology key to soil health

Locally produced on the border, NutriSoil is a vermiwash containing many biological products farmers can add to their tool kit on their journey to soil health.


NutriSoil is a biological stimulant produced at the NutriSoil Pty Ltd worm farm in Baranduda. Director Nakala Maddock said their vermiwash is one of the ingredients farmers can use to help improve soil and plant health.


Mrs Maddock said there are many factors farmers need to consider when they are looking to address their soil health; and improving the biological balance in the soil is absolutely one of the key elements in achieving healthy soil.


NutriSoil vermiwash contains many different compounds, including very high numbers of bacteria (particularly bacterial decomposers), fungi, bioavailable minerals, hormones, enzymes, antimicrobial peptides, mucus (from worms), proteins and vitamins to list a few, and all play a role in creating an environment for healthy plant growth and in turn healthy soils.


Along with containing plant available nutrients to enhance crop production, a vermiwash also contains insecticidal, antifungal and pesticidal compounds with qualities to help protect plants and enhance crop productivity.


White papers have revealed that a vermiwash, such a Nutrisoil, helps suppress disease and pest pressure on plants, which is why Mrs Maddock advises using NutriSoil as a seed inoculant at sowing. The rates needed are quite low, being 5 litres to the tonne of seed.


When used as a foliar NutriSoil helps increase photosynthesis, in turn increasing root size and access to available nutrients in the soil. Mrs Maddock said increasing organic matter in the soil, such as root biomass, is key to improving aeration, soil aggregation and water infiltration.


The border business is proud to be working with farmers to increase awareness about all the tools required to improve soil health, which is why they offer a number of support services to their HUB members who are on their journey to reducing synthetic inputs.


Supporting farmers to produce healthier plants leads to healthier soils, healthier stock, healthier people and a healthier planet, a mission the NutriSoil team are passionate about.


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