Soils are alive

The relationship between plants and soil life (whether that be microscopic organisms or organisms you can see, such as worms!) has evolved over hundreds of millions of years, and photosynthesis is key to keeping everyone happy.

During photosynthesis plant leaves act as mini solar panels, capturing sunlight and turning it into simple sugars or energy. Between 30 and 50% of this energy leaks out of plant roots to feed the microbes in the soil. In exchange for this energy (simple sugars), microbes source nutrients from the soil and deliver then to the plant roots, meeting the nutritional needs of the plant.

Applying NutriSoil as a foliar application to your pasture or crop increases photosynthesis and plant growth, helping the plants develop a broader and deeper root system that interacts with soil biology (your underground workforce).

NutriSoil is a liquid vermiswash that contains the beneficial secretions from composting worms in a concentrated form. When applied to leaves, the plant receives direct access to the plant available nutrients, plant growth hormones, enzymes, bio-stimulants and the right balance of microbes produced by worms.

This stimulates photosynthesis resulting in the plants secreting more sugars into the soil and activating microbial activity, it also stimulates root growth, leading to bigger root systems. By increasing root mass the interaction between the plant and the biology in the soil is also enhanced.

Biology in the soil is key to plants accessing the nutrients it needs, this relationship has further benefits such as switching on gene expression, providing immunity and helping protect the plant from pests, disease and environmental challenges.

The plant’s growth phase is the perfect time to spray out NutriSoil onto pastures or crops. NutriSoil recommends applying 5L to the hectare of its concentrated biostimulant liquid. In a grazing system it should be applied when stock come off the pasture.

NutriSoil works best when used with a range of soil health building tools, such as cover cropping, grazing management and plant diversity. The NutriSoil team provide many support services to its HUB members to strengthen their production system and knowledge on all the tools available to improve soil microbiology.


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