Coating seeds with a vermiwash

Seed inoculation at sowing is the first step farmers can take when looking to begin the journey to activating soil biology and improving soil health.

A biological seed inoculant such as NutriSoil’s vermiwash concentrate produced at their production and distribution facility in Wodonga, Victoria, can provide a balanced environment around the seed as it begins its journey to germination.

NutriSoil’s vermiwash concentrate contains many different compounds, including very high numbers of bacteria (particularly bacterial decomposers), fungi, bioavailable minerals, hormones, enzymes, antimicrobial peptides, mucus (from worms), proteins and vitamins to list a few, and all play a role in creating an environment for healthy plant growth and in turn healthy soils.

Along with containing plant available nutrients to enhance crop production, a vermiwash also contains insecticidal, antifungal and pesticidal compounds with qualities to help protect plants and enhance crop productivity.

White papers have revealed that a vermiwash, such as Nutrisoil, helps suppress disease and pest pressure on plants, which is why NutriSoil director Nakala Maddock advises using NutriSoil as a seed inoculant at sowing. The rates needed are quite low, being 5 litres to the tonne of seed.

In early April NutriSoil travelled to Coghills Creek to co-host a Biological Farming Roundtable event. More than 40 participants, some who had traveled over 200km to attend the soil health day, learnt about the importance of diversity in soil and plant biology in improving soil health. Diversity in soil biology helps unlock nutrients so they are available to be used by the plant.

Biological diverse soils create a healthy environment, producing healthier plants which are better able to cope with the pressures from frost, heat, pests and diseases.

Mrs Maddock told those at the event if you can only apply NutriSoil once in your program using it as a seed inoculant is the best option. She said the compounds found in NutriSoil help seeds to develop a healthy root system, along with providing increased immunity and helping reduce pressure from pests and diseases.


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